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Thank you for spending time on our website today. There are  a few things about us and our photography business that we want you to know. After more than thirty years making pictures, we consistently:

  • treat our clients like we treat friends

  • customize our rates – as much as possible – to fit the project budget

  • make sure we are aware of what you want our photographs to accomplish for your ad, portfolio, album, gift or website

  • take time to edit and enhance all images for best reproduction in publications, printed photographs and the internet

  • ask to be involved in the planning phase of the photo assignment so that all key people are on the same page for the best result

  • remember how creative and fun photography continues to be – and how it can influence the emotions and reactions of each viewer

  • are thankful that we’re doing the kind of work we love while building new relationships at the same time



Gayla and I met because of photography; she was a student in photo classes I have taught for many years for Collin College.  Together we have completed hundreds of assignments and met thousands of people.  We are proud to see our photos published in magazines, books, ads and websites. Our business started as a passion and continues to be both.  When we’re not shooting photos for a client we take pictures for fun! And we learn something new with every assignment.

Photography has connected us with people from many countries, including Mexico, Cuba, Puerto Rico, Honduras, El Salvador, Chile, Venezuela, Turkey, Korea, China, Vietnam, Israel, Zimbabwe, Cameroon, Kuwait, Morocco, Lebanon, Jordan and Saudi Arabia.  It has also kept us close to our kids and grandkids, because we photograph every major (and even trivial) event of their lives.

If there’s anything we can do with our talent and experience to assist you in life or in business, let us know. We’ll do our best to make a difference!

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